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Being part of the entertainment industry is not the same as what it used to be. In some ways, it's better. In some ways, it's worse. For me, I believe that staying connected with everyone is the value we get in today's society. Connecting means that as I go on my journey, you are going with me, and equally, I'm taking you with me. As I explore myself as a man, as a member of the LGBT community, as a believer and follower of emulating who Jesus is more and more each day, I encourage you all to go on this journey with me as I share. It's been an amazing experience thus far, and taking you with me would not only be a privilege but more importantly, meaningful. I desire to impact the lives of others as I continue to be impacted. So journey with me and stay connected! Follow me on IG! Subscribe to my Youtube Channel! Let's journey together.

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