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Heidi N Closet Ft Widow Von Du- G.A.P (Official Video)

Heidi N Closet Ft Widow Von Du- G.A.P (Official Video)

Follow Heidi! Lyrics: There’s some holes in this mouth There’s some holes in this mouth I said can’t even speak Without whistling through my teeth I need at least six feet Did I stutter? Skeet skeet Ah yeah, yeah Yeah you heard me, get away please As I previously aforementioned I said get away please One more time for you in the back I said get away please Scrub it up baby wash your hands Clean your coin and stack your bands Put that mask right over your face You can still breathe don’t make that face Don’t you sneeze, take it outside Don’t try and mingle while you’re inside Spit on my edge, not in my eyes Bridging the gap my legs go wide This ain’t a close up I’m good in the wide Fall into the gap I’ll be your guide I want you to take me back to The summer of 2019 I just screamed QUARANTINE 2020 was obscene I was booked now I’m free If you’ve got a check write it HEIDI [WIDOW] Lather me, slather me Rinse and repeat me Get me a cure so I can get out of quarantine Yo hands need a scrub Not talking TLC You better have a mask when you come talk to me Talk your shit But cover your lip Don’t leave your nose out Not one bit I don’t know why I gotta explain Don’t fuck it up like ruby sang Now give me space, at least six feet Now, get away please I’m trying to thrive and survive, now get away please No meet and greet, at least for now Now get away please Cash app me, for these live shows, cuz a bitch is starving [HEIDI] Takin over the world after just one lap Call it Gap Intuition, I don’t need a map Don’t sleep on me baby, wake up from your nap Moral of the story is mind the gap Put yourself together And and glue on a lash Don’t come up here acting all crazy and brash If you test my gangsta get ready for a clash Got my claws out call me Niecey Nash [WIDOW] I used to be a freak bitch Now just tweet shit Switch my mask leak it easier for speaking Oh my savings took a depeletin, Tryna catch flights give passports a beatin On the menu I order it all They know it’s Widow when I call Got my spaghetti and all my meatballs Dolly Parton might just save us all We can’t hang but we can virtual bang On Zoom with my main thing While I’m waiting for all stars to give me a ring I’ma come back like a boomerang [HEIDI} Pups on lockdown Lookin for their leashes While on Line I’m not lookin for a Meeting Scrolling down feeds Thirst traps got you feigning Wash my hands got me bobbin and weaving Covid 19, we’re gonna beat ya Got sanitizer, bought by the liter Stay at home if you got a fever Take a couple steps, preferably a meter I can’t sing but I’ma do my thang Year had me in my feelings but I kept sane Hold on tight before you lose it Remember me I’m the queen that didn’t change my name Yea yeah, yeah you heard me I said get away please Don’t step up, don’t get near me, get away please Oh yes for you in the back, yeah, get away please One more lap Let’s recap I said get away please Puttin Ramseur on the map I said get away please I’m talking gap, gap gap gap, get away please This songs about to wrap, I said get away please
LEO One Wine Choreography


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